JVTool is a graphical tool/editor for the Roland JV-series keyboard. Using SysEx message, it communicates with the JV keyboard to download and upload data. SysEx data can also be saved to / loaded from disk files, for easy exchange with other users. JVTool provides an intuitive graphical environment to edit all the parameters of the keyboard, including a fully graphical envelope editor, a wave selector, cursors, and many more (see screenshots section).

   Currently, JVTool only supports edition of patches and banks (group of patches), but it is planned to become a complete edition tool for JV keyboards, including Performance and Rythm editors.

   JVTool runs under Windows and Linux, is written in C++ and based on the Qt toolkit ( It is free (BSD license), and only requires free components. It has been currently successfully tested under the following systems (see the Requirements section for more information):

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Windows/cygwin

See the Files page to download JVTool and see some screenshots.


  • download/upload patches from/to the keyboard
  • download/upload bank (internal and card) from the keyboard
  • download/upload performance from/to the keyboard
  • save/load data from/to disk files
  • bank creation from patches deing edited
  • relocation of any edited data (offset shift) like: C12 -> I88, bank shift, ...
  • configuration dialog to select MIDI devices, JV model, instrument number, expansion board and PCM card
  • graphical edition of patch parameters: common, wave, pitch, TVF, TVA and controls
  • graphical edition of performance parameters: common and parts

Planned features

  • short-term:
    • bug fixing
    • mixed bank creation, containing patches and/or performances
  • long-term:
    • rythm edition


  • Qt >= 2.3.0
  • MIDI interface (tested with the Edirol UM-1S USB-MIDI interface)
  • MIDI driver (tested with the usb-midi driver version 20020929)
  • compiler (binary packages not yet provided)
Windows: Windows/Cygwin:
  • Recent cygwin installation (including XFree86 and a compiler)
  • Qt-3.0.4-b1 from the kde-cygwin site (note that if you're using the binary package from that site, you must use gcc-2.95.x as compiler, gcc >= 3.x will not work)
  • MIDI interface
JVTool has been tested under the following platforms:
  • Linux with kernel 2.4.8
  • Windows98
  • Windows2000
  • Windows2000 + Cygwin
  • WindowsXP